Food images so enticing people will think they can smell the spices.

Get their taste buds tingling.

In person, your dishes and cocktails may look like works of art, but snap a pic and they look dull, flat, and tasteless. Let our experts bring in the lighting, the attention to detail, and the culinary know-how to ensure every drop of olive oil and perfectly placed mint leaf help draw people in.


The meeting

We learn about your brand, the style you want for your food photos, and discuss how the photos will be used (website, social media, menus, etc.).


We include the creative thinking and purpose behind how the shoot will be styled plus what we’ll photograph and what photos you’ll receive.


We schedule the shoot with detailed lists of everything we’ll need, organize and oversee the shoot, then deliver to you the agreed-upon photos.


Mama’s Hospitality Group


Food photography is an essential part of any restaurant’s marketing strategy and we have been working with Mama’s Hospitality Group since 2016. In an effort to continue highlighting the changing menu and of course, Mama’s signature items, fresh photography is produced regularly to ensure guests see the latest and most delicious items Mama’s has to offer.

A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words.

Anyone can snap a pic on their phone, but it takes an experienced eye as well as trained food photography know-how to create a gallery of artwork that not only displays your food but communicates your brand.

Mama’s Comfort Food and Cocktails

Brunch Menu

Great Maple


Great Maple

Maple Bacon Doughnuts

Great Maple

Mini Cobb Wedge

Smoke City Char Bar

Smokey Sangria

Mama’s Comfort Food & Cocktails

Thrifty Ice Cream Cones

We use Restaurant Marketing for several different restaurant concepts of ours. Jessica and her team are always so responsive, creative, and ready to attack any goal we have immediately. Restaurants are not easy to market and Jess and her team know exactly what strategy to get us seen and the results equal dollars for us.

Sri divel

Salt creek grille

Since bringing Restaurant Marketing onboard we have made tremendous leaps in our social media brand and influence.

Robert Corrigan

Mama's Hospitality Group

Working with the Restaurant Marketing team on social media content and community management has been a great experience. I appreciate their flexibility, dedication and expertise when it comes to delivering on projects. They are a valuable extension of our digital marketing team.

Melissa De Guzman

Yogurtland Digital Marketing Manager